US Trucking offers truckload services, that include temperature-controlled, dry van, open deck van, and other services, using our network of prequalified carriers across the United States, Mexico, and Canda.


Price matters and US Trucking always provides us with the most competitive pricing without skimming on their services. Their knowledge about the Trucking industry is top notch.

Ricardo Martinez

Knowing that I can reach the service coordination team in the middle of the night really give me a peace of mind knowing that if we have an emergency, we can always rely on US Trucking.

Scott Frost

US Trucking saves me time and energy. All I need is to give them the amount of the load, starting and end point of the cargo and they always take care of everything else.

Carlton Jones

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Temperature- Controlled

US Trucking's Refrigerated Carrier team works with drivers that offer equipment for loads requiring temperature control, from preventing the melting of ice cream in the summer to protecting beverages from freezing in the winter.

  • Power
  • Drop-Trailers
  • Multi-Stop
  • Floor-Loading


US Trucking's Dry Van team is dedicated works on loads requiring dry trailers. No matter the load, our Dry Van team finds dry van carriers that meet your standards.

  • Power
  • Drop-Trailers
  • Multi-Stop
  • Floor-Loading
  • Consolidated Shipment


Is your commodity too large to fit in a van, or does it need a specific load configuration? Our Open-Deck team arranges the transporation of shipments that don't fit inside a traditional enclosed trailer. Coyote's Open-Deck experts focus on open-deck carrier and capacity development to source equipment like:

Does your load require specfic load configuration? Our Open-Deck team will arrange the appropriate transporation method that will accommodate loads that don't fit into a traditonal enclose trailer.